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    2 mono jacks to single stereo jack

    ok guys. none of yr poncy XLR 2 XLR male/female crap. were talkin drum connectors. im thinking on the lines of cold from both unbalenced goin to sheeth an ring, with both hots tied goin to tip. obviously with the unbalenced jacks the screen will be tied with cold at the sheeth. any ideads if im right or not?

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    If you're trying to do what I think, and feed two mono unbalanced sources (two electronic drums?) into one balanced RTS input, I'm not sure thats a good idea. I may have got the wrong idea, but you shouldn't simply combine two sources like that.
    But if the stereo jack is being plugged into a stereo input, rather than a balanced mono, thats ok....but the wiring would be:
    Hot from mono jack #1 to tip (of stereo jack)
    Hot from mono jack #2 to ring
    Cold from both mono jacks to sleeve

    Maybe you could tell us the model mixer(?) you are plugging into....


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