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    Mics for old Peavey Mixer/Amp with 1/4" in

    First, this seems like a really neat forum! I've visited all three pages of the audio forum looking for info. Thank you!

    I just bought an funky old Peavey mixer/amp XR-500 (it has 5 high sensitivity and 5 low sensitivity 1/4" inputs, but no XLR inputs) and would like to get some microphones for it. What do you recommend for this newbie-on-a-budget?

    I saw a good deal on Nady SP5 low-impedence (200 OHM) dynamic mics 3 for $20 with XLR output. Would they work if I used a simple XLR to 1/4" cable?

    Since this amp doesn't have XLR inputs, do I need special powered adaptors (not just XLR to 1/4" cable) for mics with XLR connections?

    I intend to use the amp and mics for vocals and acoustic instruments in live sound/messin' around situations, not uh studio work, or even public performance...yet.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!

    For what it's worth,
    the mixer/amp user guide is here
    And the Microphone page is here

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    XLR is just a type of connector. You should be able to just use a converter to plug any mic into your console. You do need to find out of the inputs on the console are balanced on the inputs as this will determine the type of converter cable you will use. If is is balanced you will need an XLR to 1/4" TRS if it is unbalanced you will need XLR to 1/4" TS cable.


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