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    Need suggestions for a new Rig....

    Right now I am using 2 sony DXC-327 cameras, and an array Sony 3/4" NLE system with an Amiga CG effects machiene. Editing is painfull. I want to convert everything to a DV format, and use my laptop or apple based machiene to edit the video. I have been researching for a while now, but I never went to any school for TV besides the "School of Hard Knocks" on a local Music show for the last 10 years. We are currently trying new projects and will need better equipment to get the job done right. Any suggestions?

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    I think you're right wanting to convert to DV.

    To be honest I haven't used a Mac for a while so I can't comment first-hand on Macs but I think Final Cut Pro is definitely worth a look. Mac people seem to love it.

    For my home system I've gone with the Adobe Video Collection Pro which has the obvious advantage of being cheaper. Unless your requirements are unusual then there's not much you can't do with the Adobe suite. I personally think it's the best value-for-money edit suite you can get, although the ULead suite is also a good, cheap option.

    As far as the cameras go I don't know what your budget is like or what would be best. In our country Sony has recently had a very good promotion on mid-range and semi-pro cameras. At the channel I work for it looks like we'll be getting a new Sony XDCam which is very nice indeed if you've got the money.
    Dave Owen

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    Thanks Dave for the reply.

    I have been researching this in great depth. I am sure that we need to convert to a digital format now. The suggested apple setup works out to about 10k, but they seem to have the power and purpose to be workhorses in the editing room. I have been playing with the trial version of Ulead and it seems to be a great program, although a liitle user-unfrendly. I think that we should maybe try getting a portable DV dvr to record to, and then use that for now to edit from. I have seen some on Ebay for 700 to 1000 dollars, but they seem to look cheap and almost like a mini DVD player for airplanes. There is also a hip pack that records directly to a disk, but they are about 1500 or so.

    Another thing I have been looking into is Grants. I think I have found a few that we qualify for, but the process of application is confusing. Here is a link for the Media College resources: CFDA

    Has Anybody here had any experiance with these types of equipment?

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    James Nelson


    I use Pinincle Edition Pro and swear by it. Expensive but no problems either.


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