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    Suggestions for video mixer/switcher

    Hi guys..just stumbled upon this forum looking for some advice and suggestions..we're a bunch of medical students lookin to purchase a small video mixer/switcher for editing purposes..need it for live functions and a pc based solution is not what we're looking for..looking at standalone products..

    Have been recommended the datavideo se500..does anyone know of any other brand or model that comes in a price range less that 1.5 lakh?

    We hav very limited requirements..just use it to input 4 minidv cam inputs, 2audio inputs, mix them live,add fades or effects and then output it to dvd..

    Since we're not very well versed wit the editing field, would any of u kindly provide some suggestions or advise? Esp in regard to any other brands or models? Also could u guys please shed some light on good dealers for such products in india? Contact numbers or websites would b greatly appreciated..thanks so much..

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    Panasonic makes some nice switchers

    Price might be an issue if you really want 4 inputs for cameras. You could always check eBay.
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    You may be able to find an older Panasonic switcher used for less. I'm not sure what models were available in -E/-P format.
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    Datavideo seems to be the affordable one at the moment unless you are prepared to get a second hand mixer as have been suggested by the others. I personally would attest tt a second hand panny mixer is better than the former (it is a personal opinion, having handled the panny more).
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