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    Any PA Experts around? =)

    New here- got a rather not quick question =)

    I'm part of a smaller youth group (about 40 people, meeting in a rectangular room that seats about 120=80ft. x 50 ft.), and we really don't know too much in the way of sound. Those of us who play are all fairly decent musicians, however, so we bring some quality instruments to the table (i.e. my HH Sterling..shameless plug, I know). We've been playing through some Tannoys (I'd say maybe 14-15 inchers) and 2 x 18 inch subs (Peaveys) for a while now, running them out of 3 500 watt Peavey amps and 1200 watt SoundTech amp. We've never really liked the sound we get, so this past week we purchased a couple of Peavey 115's for about 350 bucks. Then comes the fun part. We disconnected the Tannoys, hooked the 115s to a 500 watt apiece, and then hooked both subs to the Soundtech. My question comes here- is there something we should buy/set that will help this setup? Should we have run something different, and are we in danger of possibly blowing anything? One of the guys mentioned crossovers- is that something worth buying at a much higher quality, or would the cheaper ones on Ebay be alright for that?

    As a second option, we've recently priced a pair of Tapco Thumpers 15's for about 500 bucks, which would also be in our price range (barely). Would these (powered) be a better option for this kind of system? Would this bypass the amps completely?

    Thanks for any help/direction you guys can give me! Like I said, we really are just shooting in the dark here =)


    Oh- instrumental setup is as follows:
    3 vocals
    SM57 on a Marshall 100 watt
    Caged drum, pieces mic'd with an overhead

    Thanks again!

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    Are you playing directly to the speakers in the same room? How are you mixing?
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    Ok, couple of things, The tannoys you had prob weren't Pa speakers as I don't recall ever seeing any that werent reference monitors or playback speakers of some sort so you are going in the right direction with the peaveys at least. Are they SP5's SP2's or PR15's or something other? You are going o need a crossover in there somewhere if you are going to use subs. You can prob find an active rackmount two way stereo three way mono xover used for about 50-75 dollars just about anywhere usually.
    I would keep the peavey subs you have for now and put the most powerful amp you have on them. Now remember they are possibly 4ohm cabinets as most single 18" speakers from them usually are. So look at your amplifier's 4ohm rating to decide which amp to use with those. This will leave you some money possibly to buy an eq to use with your speaker preferably a dual 31band and if you plan to use monitors on stage maybe a dual 15 band for those. Now armed with a xover and eq you should be able to dial in a tighter low end and relieve some of the low end from the highpacks therefor making them more effective. Not conisidering the anomolies of the room you are in with equal dementions and standing waves and so on you should then at least be able to eq the system to the room and deal with some of the problems the enviornment you are playing in adds to your situation. Also if you are feeling like you can grasp some other concepts you could possible run aux fed subs to control and make more efficient use of subs and low end. If you have any questions about any of this or need diagrams for hook up of these items let me know..

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    "Dementions" ... are those the room characteristics that drive a sound tech crazy?

    You might want to consider a 31-band EQ on the monitors as well; the price difference is insignificant in the overall scheme of things. In the average band setup, the feedback threshold is determined more by monitor-to-mic coupling than house speaker-to-mic coupling. Thus, it's important to have as flexible feedback-notching control on the monitors as you can get.

    BTW, EQ out as much of the low frequency energy to the monitors as the band will let you get away with. LF in the monitors doesn't contribute much that's useful but does muck up the sound in the room.


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