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    Missing Files

    When I try to open a project I have'nt opened in a while,Premiere Pro CS3 forget it or loses it or something.I click "OpenProject",find my project and click on it and it wont open.I know the project is sill in my coumputer, I just cant get Premiere to open it Another thing;Recently, Iopened a project and it asked me "Where is the file______?
    I looked at the timeline,and those clips were missing . Any idea what's going on?

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    Sounds like you moved the files off to a different hard drive or changed drive lettering or something.
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    On top of what Eric asked, are you the only user of the terminal or is it shared? If it is shared, you might want to check if somebody has changed the reference folder to another folder from which they do their project from (apologies, I cannot remember the proper term for this process at all! It's too early in the morning...) or, the worst case, has anyone deleted files/folders they thought redundant...
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    missing projects

    Thank you guys for your answers to my previous post.Another problem i'm having is, I can't open my older projects. At first, when I opened the program(PremiereProCS3) it would list all the projects I had. Now,it seems that it only remembers my 2 or 3 most recent projects. So I go into My Computer>>Premiere AutoSave, and locate the desired project, but I can't open it from there.what am I doing wrong, or not doing?

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    It's up to you as to where you keep your project files.

    When you start a new project, it asks you where to save it. if your saving in the default location then it will be in "My Documents\Adobe\3.0\".

    You should find all of your project files there.

    what you are describing is the "Recent Projects List"


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