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    Video streaming

    Hi All,

    I want to telecast a parish feast on their website. I am planning to transmit signals from a wireless webcam to a server at distance of half kilometres. Please any one tell me efficient and cost effective techniques, softwares for this system to implement.


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    for a one-time deal with minimal interfacing issues, I would simply use VLC and use some settings that all of the big media players recognize and that you can cram many copies of on your host bandwidth [in tcp, no multicasting or anything too crazy to set up]
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    Video Streaming

    You may also want to look at VMDirect. Their accounts are cost effective. The product is stable and if you are using a wireless, you would want to make sure your back is covered. Upon signing up, you will have your url which you can post on the Parish's website for direct access to the webcast.
    Good luck.
    PS: The accounts comes with other goodies too beside telecasting!

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    It is remarkable! Inform on it and lay out the reference

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    Hello Friends.....

    Mobile Positioning Techniques

    Before location-based solutions can be created, we first have to be able to get the location of the mobile user. Many technologies are in place that can provide this information. Deciding which technology to use will usually be based on a combination of accuracy and cost. In most cases, as the required level of accuracy increases, so does the cost. This cost is usually shared between the mobile user and the wireless carrier. Developers typically have to rely on the information provided to them from the handset and the carrier, precluding their ability to directly influence the accuracy of the location information



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