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    Video Streaming Software for Linux

    Hi all,

    I am new to this video streaming environment and just read all the concepts related to HTTP Streaming, streaming server, progressive downloading and many more.
    I am in need of a streaming server, to host my study lectures for students and I am using Debian Linux. I have initially tried, vlc (videolan) streaming software, where I failed in getting a file streamed from various locations, and it was only streaming from the point where the video is actually running in server, I couldn't find an way to host all my videos in a folder and vlc takes care about streaming those frm that folder.

    Then I tried, the gnump3d a mini streaming server. But even there I failed, as in some (linux) client systems it was streaming well but in windows based clients, it was downloading the video and then playing, which i dont want.

    Could someone here please correct me in the usage of any above two, or suggest a better free video streaming server which works perfect in linux.

    Any reply to this appreciable.

    Awaiting for the reply.


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    There are a variety of streaming methods that can each be implemented in a variety of different ways. If you could explain what you want the end result to be, we may better suggest methods of getting there.
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