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    Filling In after transparency

    I've taken a piece of scanned artwork and removed the background in Photoshop. The line art is being placed on a colored background in another program. However, I am having a problem in that I would like some white within the image and this keeps becoming transparent as well. I have tried everything, and although the white remains in Photoshop with the transparent background, the smaller portions within the image show up transparent when I place it. I've attached the PDF file to better show what I'm referring to. I need the highlights in the hair and on the glasses to come up white. Any suggestions??
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    use light grey and darker grey hatch instead of white and light grey for transparency. I would venture to guess that you are seeing the white hatches from the transparent background display, not actual white. Anyway, as for source material, you need to have some sort of defined alpha mask. Using white is a good idea, except when the content contains white. In this case, you could likely manually use the flood fill tool (paint bucket) to fix the regions that should be white, but in the future you may want to color the regions that should be white and/or color the alpha mask so that you can do a simple color replacement (on a high-contrast image, that is)
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