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    Need manual for DV deck

    I need the user manual for a JVC HRDVS3U. I tried to record from my DVD camcorder going into the RCA input onto a DV tape in the deck but for some reason, the signal never made it to the tape.There's just blank space where I tried to record. If someone could tell me what i'm doing wrong, that would be as good as getting the manual
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    What input do you have selected on the deck?
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    To answer your question,There is no way to select an input..There's just 3 sets of RCAs, an S-VHS, and a coaxial. None of the RCAs are labeled in or out.They're just there on the back of the deck My camcorder has an AV miniplug for an out.There are no other outputs.If it had firewire,I wouldnt be having this problem.


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