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    Cool vampire flick in streaming video

    NOW PLAYING "Hacker Hunter".

    Tycoon gets ripped off by North-Korean hackers. Then hires vampire and gets his revenge. (violent content)

    FREE preview till 4-10-05

    You'll need broadband and RealPlayer 9 or 10 to view.

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    I wasn't really sure if your message was spam or not so I did a bit of checking. I see that you've posted this message far and wide and a few other people have had the same reaction I did. I understand why you want to promote your film but I think you do need to be careful because your tactic of mass-posting in every forum you can find might make you some enemies.

    Anyway, I also see that you responded to a couple of threads so you don't seem like a complete spammer. I'll let your message stay

    The film looked pretty good - I watched about 5 minutes of it. It's a shame the first couple of minutes were taken up with credits - I think these should have been left until the end, especially for internet users. I would normally have switched off before the actual film started.

    Real Player is going to be a difficult delivery medium I think. I would recommend making a couple of other options available.

    I also think a trailer is very important. As a casual surfer I don't really want to wait 10 minutes or more to see if the action is going to be any good - a 30-second trailer would have been great.

    Anyway, keep it up and good luck.
    Dave Owen

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    Thanks. Right now I'm in the process of adding Quicktime and WindowsMedia. I guess you're right about the credits. Believe it or not, this flick is currently being pitched by the studios. You should check it out if you have 32 min. to spare. Feel free to pick my brain regarding streaming video technology.



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