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    Possible to seek using http streaming?

    I just finished reading the media college tutorial on http streaming. Looks simple to implement but I'm wondering if the approach allows for seeking to an arbitrary offset within the video. e.g., the user wants to skip forward to time 3m:10s into the video, so "system: stop downloading video at the current time and start streaming at 3m:10s."

    Perhaps you need a full-fledged streaming server to do this type of thing? There's also the question of the client-side api that allows the current time/position to be set.

    Many thanks.

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    Yes, this is one of the advantages of streaming video. Exactly how it works will depend on the platform, but in Flash for example, you can add cuepoints to the video when you encode it, and/or use Actionscipt to send the player to a particular time in the clip.
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