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    If you already have the computer and are set on using it, I recommend the Presonus Audiobox. It's a 2 channel preamp/converter, powered by the USB bus connection. You can adjust the levels of each channels input, so if you have a quiet person, you don't need to force the mic in their face. There are plenty of other options, some of the suggestions have been pretty good, the problem with getting a mixer is that you still need a higher quality of A/D/D/A conversion than most sound cards provide. Alesis makes a small format mixer that allows you to record the stereo out to a USB computer connection as well, so I'd put that as another viable option.

    If it's just going to be speech, the sample rate/quality isn't going to be too crucial. Hope this helps

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    What BR said about sample rate/quality. The crucial factor is noise. Sound cards are noisy.

    If you're going to be editing, noise becomes even more important. The bumps and jumps in the background noise where the splices are will completely ruin the effort.

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