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    Kevin W.

    co-ax cable for speakers

    Is there anything wrong with using co-axial cable for wiring speakers? The band I'm playing with uses co-ax for the stage monitors, and it goes against what I know about cabling (been playing guitar for 30+ years) It seems to work, but when I suggested using speaker wire , I couldn't explain why it would be better, just an old habit. Perhaps you could clarify this for me......Thanks

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    The cable is important here. Co-axial cable is most commonly not used due to it smaller gauge wire. You really need to be using at least 12 gauge cable to feed your speakers. (That is a standard. It depends on the length of the run and how much power you are outputting, but in most cases of club gigs and such, 12 gauge will be fine. If in doubt, use a bigger gauge.) If you use a smaller gauge it is the same as trying to fill a swimming pool with a water hose. It restricts the flow. In the case of electricity, the energy must go somewhere. In this case it is converted to heat which can harm your equipment and cabling.


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