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    Hey that's a great tip. I can't believe I've never come across that one. Quite obvious really when you think about it. Although it has been a while since I've come across that particular problem
    We always use this when we film multi camera events.all we do is get a "clapper" to go into frame of all of the cameras (or the most possible) and do a loud clap and then when we import it into premeire we play it untill we hear a clap and then we rewind it looking at the hands untill we hear the start of the clap.

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    Right, the clap is standard (they even make all sorts of clap boards for this), I believe the two-clap method is what Dave was mentioning, as differences in encoding and frame duration causes audio and video sync to drift in long pieces when using consumer formats.
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    ahh get you. i know about the clapper boards we just never had a decent one.

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    if your production isn't complicated, a hand clap in front of the lens works fine. the main reason they used a clapboard in hollywood is because it had a small blackboard they could chalk the scene and take number on. remember, films are never shot in sequence.

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