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    still missing files

    When I try to open my projects in Premiere ProCS3, It asks me"Where is the file____? And it's usually a file that has nothing to do with the project i'm trying to open. So then it opens the project and all the clips are missing.The timelines are still the way I left them,but instead of clips, there's just a red background that says media offline.I don't know how or why this happens.These are projects and clips that that I have'nt touched or altered or moved,and I'm pretty sure I saved these projects before I closed them and no one else uses this computer. How do I fix this?.Is there any way I can get things back to the way they were?

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    are you using an external hard drive? if you are then the dirve letter might be changing depending if there's anything else plugged in, e.g. Memory sticks.

    on way of solving this is to go to the start menu and right click on "My Computer", click on "Manage" for the menu.

    A new window should appear.

    On the left hand side of the window click "Disk Management". If this isn't visible click the plus in a box ( [+] ) next to "Storage".

    In the top right hand corner of the window there right click your external hard drive and click "Change Drive Letter". A new smaller window should come up.

    In that window click the button that says "Change". You will now be faced with another smaller window. Click onto the drop down box on the right hand side and choose and random letter except those at the beginning of the alphabet. I suggest the letter "V" because of "V" for "Video", i don't have it like that but you could if you want.

    Now click ok on all of the boxes that come up and close the "Computer Management" program/window. Now restart your computer.

    Next time you use Premiere it WILL ask you where your video files are. Point them to the new location.


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    Shrooma, I do not suggest you re-assign drive letters.

    If this isn't happening because you moved the files, then it sounds to me like your hard drive is almost full. Am I correct? Because this will also happen when drive space becomes limited.

    In order to get rid of the red background (placeholders for the clips) and have the clips back in place in the time line do the following:

    Select all the clips with the red background and right click. uncheck enable. Then highlight them all again, right click and check enable. Viola, they will be back.

    This will solve the problem temporarily and you can continue to work but it will keep happening until you free up some room.

    If you re-assign drive letters you can really screw things up for a lot of the programs already installed on your computer.

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    thanx to everyone for their help, I'll let you know what happens


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