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    Just for interest the video you made on your DVD Recorder is a DVD and not an HD BluRay Disk is it???

    If it's a standard DVD then the end product will be Standard Definition regardless of the source. Although people claim that editing in HD and then writing to a DVD (which is SD) gives a better picture I have yet to be convinced. If you have a BluRay HD burner and a BluRay player then you WILL see a difference!!

    As long as you are using SD and DVD's then it's probably worth just downconverting to SD to your computer and avoiding the hassle of your software and computer trying to manage the HUGE HD files.

    Chris , My DVD recorder is standard definition , So much to my disapointment , so are my recordings from what you are saying.
    I was under the impression that DVD was HD and that BluRay simply took it to the next level with the newer LCD/PLASMA tvs up in the 1080i/p range........ Geeez , I've got alot to learn.....

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    Hi TwoBuells

    I'm afraid so. I have watched an HD video rendered from an HV20 to DVD and also the same movie captured in SD from the camera and edited in SD and really, on a good HD TV I cannot tell the difference in quality!! I'm sure the HD edited one is a tad better but I figure that no-one will be examining your movie with a magnifyer an inch away from the screen!!

    If you edit in HD then you need to burn the movie to a BluRay disk and also buy a Bluray player!!! Editing in HD alone means huge files and very long rendering times compared to SD.

    I shoot weddings in SD and clients watching them on their huge HD Plasma TV's are blown away by the quality and often "think" it's HD because they have an HD TV. You can comfortably send your videos to DVD 720x576 SD and more often than not your DVD player will upscale it to 1980x1080 anyway!!

    The HV30 is a great camera BUT it's the person behind the camera that will decide on whether it's a great movie!!


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    Quote: TWOBUELLS
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    ... Does it seem to be in line with whats required for good performance
    Yes, your memory seems to be in order. So... as for performance issues, it may have to do more with the software than the hardware, as Chris has said, HD editing takes power, but the system as you have described it should work well enough to edit the video. I'm not very familiar with the various ATI video cards, so I can't say if that is your bottle-neck or not, but given the stats on everything else, if you're still looking at hardware, you might want to check that. Someone with more experience on ATI cards want to take a swing at that aspect?
    Sony HDR-SR11 camcorder, FujiFilm FinePix S1Pro digital camera

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    Thanks Angelnight for your input..
    And Chris , Thanks for getting me up to speed on HD/SD. I have a BluRay player , but not a burner. , so i will need to work with what i got , And since what i got fooled me into thinking it was HD by how good it looks , I guess i should be happy..

    The following makes me chuckle , as it is so true...

    The most refined skills of color printing, the intricate techniques of wide-angle photography, provide us pictures of trivia bigger and more real than life. We forget that we see trivia and notice only that the reproduction is so good. Man fulfils his dream and by photographic magic produces a precise image of the Grand Canyon. The result is not that he adores nature or beauty the more. Instead he adores his camera -- and himself.

    Daniel J. Boorstin
    1914-, American Historian

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