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    AKG mic,,, how to use the line/mic settings ??

    Hey all

    My AKG CK98 shotgun has a 'three position' switch

    lin / 75 Hz / -10 db

    I am shooting video with the DVX100b, the mics is direct to camera (no mixer,,amps,,ect).. So I'd like to know hoe to use these settings properly.

    Anyone ??


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    i think you use -10db but i'm not 100% sure cause our shotgun mics have tele-normal-off and we just use tele.

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    I just checked this thing out on AKG's website. I have to say, I'm astonished at the lousy documentation. From AKG one would expect better.

    Here's what I think is going on.

    The "lin" position is "linear," which is to say, full flat frequency response. You would use this if you were recording something where low frequency response was critical.

    The "75 Hz" position inserts a 75Hz high-pass filter to cut out very low-frequency sounds. If you're recording voices, or most of the kinds of sounds encountered in documentaries, this is the position to use. The filter cleans up a lot of low-frequency rumbles and things that frequently ruin a shot in field work.

    The "10dB" position inserts a 10dB attenuator in the circuit. The data does not tell whether the high-pass filter is also in the circuit or not. You use this when you're recording something that's so loud either the microphone or (more likely) the camera input is being overloaded.

    Rule of thumb: always use the 75Hz position unless you have a specific reason for using one of the others on a particular shoot.

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    Based upon position in the switch, I would expect the -10 pad to include the 75 Hz filter. (note, this is just an intuition, if you really need to know, I suggest a test)
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    How about trying each setting out and see what you get.

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    What smifis said. And now that the likely meanings have been elucidated, clarified and expounded on, you'll know what to expect.


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