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Thread: Canon XH A1

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    Canon XH A1

    Can Somebody explain the Quality of this camecorder, The lighting, sound, and video quality, as well as the ability to alter HD for people who don't actually have it and if it's good for streaming video. I plan to create some independant films relativly soon. Please and thank you to anybody that responds to me.

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    I have one.....I like it the light sencitivity is good, the lense is ok for a 1k camera. the sound receptors in it are fine. i do not however think that if you are just streaming, that you would need all of that camera. well i guess it all depends on what you are doing. If you shoot in HD then you will just put out HD vid, and people with out HD will see it as SD, so you should be fine there. Any other spicific questions, please feel free to PM me
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    We use two XH-A1 cams for our church internet broadcast live stream three times a week. They are two of six cameras, the others are Sony pro HDV cams. You can definitely tell the difference but the Canons have been excellent for the price.
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