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    subgroup questions

    hello I have no formal sound tech training,and i'm learning on the fly to run sound for my friends local band.We have a Fender MX 5200 series 24 channel board,and I'd like to use my sub groups.Is it possible to utilize the subgroups running a mono signal(by mono we are running only the right main output).My subgroup assignment are in pairs 1-2 ,3-4.Here's my thinking,selecting 1-2 pan vocals left for 1 guitars right for 2 and so on.Is that correct?If I'm correct so far do the subgroups have to be panned right for the output or can they be left centered.If I have to I can set the mixer up for a stereo output,just trying to reduce cableing.

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    Yes, you pan the pan pots to the 'left' for 1/3 and 'right' for 2/4, then you can assign all of them to both outputs (or the right output and use the left output for something else). Note that this may not work if your subgroups are true stereo (with full pans)
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    If you are just learning how to run sound I wouldn't start using groups.. Focus on getting your gain structure correct and blending the channels all to the main output. Groups are a nice little crutch, but they are just another fader to cause problems or another stage to have your gain structure messed up..

    But yeah, assign the channel to the group you want to send it to (1-2) or (3-4) and pan the L-R knob to L for either group 1 or 3 (or both) or pan it to R for group 2 or 4.

    Unless you are running 32 channels that really need a lot of attention, groups shouldn't be relied on. It's better to learn without them just in case you run into a situation where they are not available (as you move up the sound-gig ladder you'll see that the groups may be used in a completely different way or for a completely different purpose than you want to use them now, so being able to mix to the faders is going to be the best way to learn IMHO)


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