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    Can you make a website under 8 hours?

    Can you make a website under 8 hours? Well, I'm sure you can, but ... if you want to make a pretty decent website in today's standard, how long do you take? If there is anyone please inform me
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    Sure, i can make a website in well below 2 hours, but that's not really relevant.

    The "by today's standards" is more or less relative, and wouldn't mean much in practice. Many web designers also simply re-use old code, and apply smaller modifications/improvements as needed, including myself.

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    I believe I take some other trail;

    I can think of what kind of new look and the functionality your site is going to have in about '8 days and 8 hours'. Telling about a 8 weeks of period for a whole web site, perhaps, would be of a better approach.

    While the whole magic could be planned, and coded / typed in - like - 8 hours, still I will be taking 8 days of my remainig time; it is called, 'the required time for digestion'. Like many true artists, or other perfectionists, or may be those who are willing to excel at their art and skills on a constant strive and challenge themselves, I do take my time.

    Imagine, there in that period, you can feel your self like an old-fashionned and lavish hair-dresser, who looks like a focused-person saying that "what else I can FIX on this design" despite having given a valid shape already. The sound of the scissors just never stops, no matter if he keeps cutting or thinking, say, trying to see.

    I have also never used the same code, even including the server side mailer scripts - but yes, I do full open those files at my editor, but only for getting inspired by them. I'm not proud of this - but everytime I feel I got better and more efficient in the design and whatever algorythmic mechanisms..
    Sounds odd to you? I wrote in the beginning: I took some other trail.

    • These are perhaps only true on solo web development efforts, more of a lead-artists's way or so called an art-director's approach, and definetely not valid in 'corporate business environments' in which the design, souces and tasks are shared by a group of regularly-attending (and reporting) people.

    best regards;
    - kunter ilalan web designer
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    Ya a Professional web designer can Design All the website in below 8 hours ...

    You have to provide complete Requirements

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    2 can design a website in just 8 hours if you are a professional web designer...

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    Making a pretty cool website

    Yes it is possible to make a Cool and decent looking website in just 8 hrs is quite possible. If you've gathered all the pictures and informations required for that particular website

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    Yup its quite easy because of CMS and other web development tools but content is the major problem if you are having the content then you can do it in 8 hours.


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