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    How to Create a Transparent Background in Photoshop

    Good evening,
    Im new to this forum and also new to using photoshop so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Im trying to create transparent background and have been following instructions however, I have reached the part where I have outlined the area using magic wand tool but cannot find the 'delete' button!
    It is probably staring me in the face but I cant see it!! Any help please?
    Thank you

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    It's on your keyboard, normally next to insert and/or end, also normally on the numpad '.' if numlock is off.
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    Well, it's no magic; the DEL key of your keyboard does it. But if you really like to see it on screen, it's not anything like DELETE, but it's CLEAR under EDIT.

    Before testing, be sure you are not trying to delete some selection while you're on the (solid) basement, because you can't! That layer is called BACKGROUND - see it on your layers window; double click on the name, change it to something else and see it becomes a floating transparent layer (or empty layer / space) where you can keep working on your transparency.

    And by the way, there is a good web site out there about How to create a transparent background in Photoshop; I thought it might grab your attention sometime!

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