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    Well I think you answered my question pretty well. Thanks.

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    Premiere Elements, starting with version 4, has many New Blue effects.

    You are correct that Premiere Elements doesn't handle formats other than DV very well, it depends on the source.

    I never have to pre render the timeline with my current machine. It all depends on how fast your processor is. Overall Premiere Elements is a bit of a resource hog in general though, you are correct about that for sure.

    The limited number of tracks always caused me to stop looking everywhere else. I have used project that have gone to more than 20 tracks and I was glad that I could. We tested Premiere Elements 2 and went to 104 video and audio tracks without any problems, if the number isn't unlimited it sure is high enough.

    Thanks for the comparison AngelKnight, very well done
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    You're welcome executor. Glad I could help!

    Thank you for the clarification on the video tracks Chuck. My brain decided to play a trick on me and say "are you really sure?" as I typed it, so I'm glad that it was just joshing me.

    I wasn't really clear when I wrote about the pre-render thing with PE. With DV source it was much better, but I didn't do too much playing with actual DV on it, as my main reason for using it at the time was XViD video editing, while being too lazy to convert my source to DV.

    As for the transitions and effects, that's why I said that at the same price point, PE has more (my version of PE when I bought it was 4) than Vegas. I was really quite amazed when I first bought it that it had so many, and that was one of the reasons why when I got Vegas I had to go to the higher priced version (still under US$200) because I couldn't live without them! LOL

    I can't imagine going to 104 tracks!! That's wild! Personally I haven't used more than 4 video tracks and 2 audio for any project I've done so far, but then again, I've only been doing this for a little over a year.... I suppose at some point I'm going to be hit with the Vegas track limitation, but for now, I should be good. There are ways of working around that anyway, and, if all else fails, I still have PE installed on my machine.

    Thank you for your comment on my post. I know how heavy you are into PE (I've been to your web site hehe), and coming from you that is high praise. Thank you.
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