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Thread: Merging 2 pics

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    Merging 2 pics

    Hi All

    I have just started working with photoshop, and done some toturials. However there is a thing that i just cant sort out, and ive spend many hours now trying.

    I have this picture:

    I have tried to make it transparrent, saving it in different formats etc. and reading other treads about this, but i just cant sort it. So thats problem one.

    When i figure this out, then i would like to add the head to this guy:

    Any noob guide to get this working?

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    Quote: NewGraficMan
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    I have tried to make it transparrent, saving it in different formats etc. and reading other treads about this, but i just cant sort it. So thats problem one.
    The background is transparent here.
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    i still didnt get .....he want to make picture transparent or he wants to make background transparent

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    Its the background of the top picture that i wanted to make transparent so i could place it one the hulk.
    Never mind, i will do some toturials.
    Not much help in this forum.

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    Not much help unless you don't look for your topic and read: How to create a transparent background in Photoshop

    Try opening two documents at once, where you can use 'CTRL_TAB' to switch (just like we do 'ALT_TAB' to switch in windows). As you got rid of the white area in your head-profile, select all the (remaining) layer with CTRL_A and copy it to clipboard with CTRL_C; then move on to the next image which you have unawaringly miscalled as a 'guy' - and it is not, you'll see why, now put it down there pasting with CTRL_V.

    Now you have two layers on a single file; one on the upper should be your floating head and is called 'Layer 0' on layers menu, you'll see a plain image below, that is called "background" on the same menu - and this one "requires" to be a floating layer as well. It'll be a guy after you clean around him: Get rid of its background color, then try removing that head part by some neat lasso work, (select the head, cut the part and paste on the layer as another layer or delete the head if you wish) and compansate the spaces or excess parts that are visible around your neck - possibly using a third layer that you're to paint with a moderate brush you'll come over this problem. At the end, go to LAYERS menu and MERGE them to a single layer, so you can SAVE it as a usable computer image by practicle means. All is yours, then.

    Don't forget to have "dull images" and "low-quality crude yields" in the end; otherwise you won't be able to detect any progess, which is inevitable, in time.

    Try and see..

    Before going to FILE > SAVE, try SAVE FOR WEB. Web-friendly transparent output is a lot easier here (PNG and GIF) - see the color tables and try to figure out what is what there. I encourage you to turn on pages on this site - forums provide you with a word-of-mouth only - it is not the knowledge; trust me, they're so volatile you forget about'em the next day.

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    Kunter thx alot for your reply and instructions.
    Im just frustrated about this stuff because its so difficult to figure out.
    Im sorry for my stupid comment, it was just posted out of frustration.

    Anyways, i just saw this responce and its very late here (3.40) so i better hit the sack.
    But i will get right on it tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

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    It might have come out of a frustration, but not stupidity by any means.

    I had anticipated a more challenging difficulty at the second image which was about "masking", as another keyword you'd like to Google it, and provided that you've intended to learn Photoshop, then this will only serve you a higher pleasure once you made it.

    Moreover, I do not know if the forum already has similar questions and detailed explicit answers - but I'm quite sure it has, so you'd better check out for "the earliest" relavent thread issued here just in case it might have an example for you.

    Do never expect neither you nor someone else in the world show up in a second and create quite an artwork out of the thin air; requires away-from-computer studies, the graphics arts, enthusiasym, practice and patience

    Let us know if you have another difficulty.
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    Start it right

    Most of the above answers are very helpful, however even if you could lineup the 2 images up, there is a problem of your Hulk image is facing front & your hed is facing to the left. They will not line up properly, How ever you need to bring both images to the same window & then copy/cut/past from one image to the other & keep them in layers (do not flatten the image). Also need a lot of painting & touchups.

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    Is there any way to merge 2 pictures into 1 without it looking liked a picture copy and paste?

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    Merging 2 pics

    Dang Youre a really good drawer. I can only draw good pics of Titanic and stuff like that.

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