I'm New with subs and amps and what not.
I recently got a amp and subs off my friend,
I'm curious If I can also hook up the back speakers to the amp also, there after market sony speakers, 220watt each, I dont only want bass right now, I am going to get another amp for these speakers but I was wondering If It would hurt my subs and amp if I did so?

and also... I hooked the "Remote wire into the back of the cd player in a Red wire, Its the power cord, And everytime I turn the car on or off or change the song I hear a weight noise come out of the speakers, Ive been told it could be bad RCA Cables, Im now gonna run the power cord to the Fuse box and Put it in the Radio Fuse,
But when the subs are playing a song, it sounds nice and everything,
I was just wondering what I should do?

Im also gonna hook up a switch for the subs So I can turn them on and off, With the back speakers I was just gonna splice them into the amp so when i turn the subs off they play thu the normal cd player.. Would this work?

the AMP is...
RT-1035 1600 WATT 2 Channel MOSFET Bridgeable Power Amplifier With Remote Subwoofer Level Control
# Specifications: Max power, 2ohm 800w x 2
# RMS power, 4ohm 300w x 2
# Bridged power 1600w x 1
# Signal-to-noise ratio >105dB
# THD .01%
# Dimensions, LxWxH 19 3/16" x 12 1/8" x 2 1/8"

And the subs are...
* Special editiion of the AW1251T
* Comes complete with grille and special edition dust cap
* 45 oz. Strontium Magnet
* RMS Power Handling: 400 watts RMS
* Peak Power Handling: 800 watts approx.
* 2" 4-layer ASV Voice Coil
* KM3 Coated for Virtually No Cone Distortion
* Non-Pressed, Non-Transfer Paper Cone
* PHAT Foam Surround
* Non-Pressed, Non-Transfer Paper Cone
* 2 Ohm or 8 Ohm operation per sub (1 ohm, 4 ohm, 16 ohm per pair)
* Lug Lock Terminals