Hello Everyone .... I am a newbie to this website but not a newbie to the overall business, I have almost 28 years in the IT Field but I am at a dead end in regards to attempting to Stream Live with Adobe. So, I am kindly asking for some assistance on what I might be missing here or what I might be doing wrong. Thank You in advance .....

I have one server that contains the Adobe Flash Media Encoder 2.5.

I have one server that contains the Flash Media Development Server, this is the free version to get your feet wet with.

I understand the settings and everything within the encoder, I am able to start the service for the server and connect the encoder tot he server, no problem here.

The problem is that I follow the link as established on the encoder and I am not able to view the live broadcast ? I looked at several online tutorials and followed them and still nothing, what might I be doing wrong ? Am I missing a piece of software by chance ?