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    Premiere Pro Problem

    When I try to insert a cross dissolve between two clips, in Pre.Pro7 I get I message that says there is not enough media, some frames will be repeated. If I continue the transition is not smooth and the speed of the clips seems altered just pior to the transition. Is it a problem with the actual subject matter? I am trying to join two clips of a featureless sea swell and waves.

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    Premiere is trying to use extra footage from before/after each clip. In other words it is hoping the clips have been trimmed and contain more footage than what appears on the timeline. This extra bit of footage at the start and end of each clip is called "handles". If a clip has no handles (ie the entire recorded clip is already on the timeline) then Premiere repeats the start or end frame during the transition.

    The solution is to drag the start/end of each clip in a little bit to make the clip slightly shorter, just enough to allow for the transition. For example, if you want a 1-second fade between two clips, chop 1 second off the end of the first clip and 1 second off the start of the second clip. Then join the clips together in the timeline and add the transition. Premiere will restore the "missing" seconds to make the transition.

    Hope that makes sense.
    Dave Owen

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    Thanks very much, sorted!


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