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    cant import files

    I copied a file(vob) from mini DVD to my hard disk but when I try to import it into Premiere pro CS3,it doesn't work, do I need to convert it to another format,and if so, how do I do that?

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    Hi Shrooma

    Do a Google Search for "VOB2MPEG" There are plenty of free packages that will extract the VOB content back to MPEG2.
    I actually just use DVDLab which will revert the VOB back to mpv and mpa files but that might not suit Premiere


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    Premiere Pro does not support VOB, Premiere Elements does
    Conversion to MPEG or some other format is the only way to import, preferably to DV-AVI. Check out MpegStreamclip it is free and works very well for this purpose. If you are going to buy something, VideoRedo is probably the best MPEG tool around for converting VOB and other MPEG files to DV-AVI or a usable MPEG format for Premiere Pro.
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