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    Need help with ftp - help please

    Hello everyone
    this is my first time here and I have looked through so many threads but unfortunately nothing is specific enough to help me at the mo. So, please bear with me and my newbie-ness!

    I have recently been constructing a site (my first that is not an iWeb type) of 6 pages but it is taking longer than my business wants to get a presence on the web. So, I have decided to put up the front page on its own until I have mastered more and am able to complete the original 6-page site.

    I am on an iMac Leapoard OSX 5.2.

    the host server is

    I have run up against a couple or three problems. I would appreciate some help if you can give me the time to read through this and point me in the right direction.

    I want to put up, as a web site, a single page (with one jpeg image, duly sized) and external style sheet (ready for further work to turn it into the 6-page eventual final site) attached, all included in the folder as prescribed.

    I have used Kompozer and understand from the help files (house, you tube, forums etc) that publishing is a bit of a problem. (Indeed I tried and it constantly tells me there is a password error (outside the scope of this forum, I know)). So, I have downloaded Cyberduck and then Fireftp.

    1. Cyberduck first page does not allow me to drag and drop the stand alone page onto it. I simply cannot get it to accept the mouse click on anything except the connection + button.

    2. I am going in ever-tightening circles to truly understand exactly what information goes into which box regarding the server, username, ftp addy, etc etc. I'm so sorry, but I do not have a complete enough knowledge to know what is really needed and have tried so many combinations now. An easy talk through would help me enormously.

    3. I downloaded Fireftp in despair in the hope that it would be more user-friendly than cyberduck is presently being. I can't find it on my computer after two downloads and installs!!! aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

    It is difficult to describe exacting details, but if anyone could spare me the time to converse through this thread (or email if preferred) I will be very grateful.

    Many many thanks in advance and I'm sorry if this is all already covered elsewhere on the threads... I really have looked hard.

    Merry x

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    FireFTP is likely easier to use. To use it, open firefox then click the tools menu and select fireftp. Once open, click the dropdown in the top left and choose "create an account", this will let you type in your connection information and save it so it is easy to access and connect in the future.
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    re your help

    Hello Eric

    wahoo... thank you... i have got the fireftp up and running... yay...

    but... it wont let me connect.... sigh!

    I am now going to go through the firefox forum for help.

    Thanks so much for helping me here.

    If you or anyone can help with the other stuff, well... thank you in advance

    Luv Merry x

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    Welcome on board, Miss or Mrs. Merry 'X';
    I assume you'll find this place 'much interesting' and informative in didactic qualities.

    this site, is too, suffering from lack of real contributors among the public, since many low-profile people nowadays, I'm to say regrettably, tend to come and drop in almost empty messages with no intentions of being useful to anyone or anything, but their messages on the other hand, are well adorned with elaborate and muchly-tought signatures with Internet links to, sometimes, several destinations at the bottom, sorely in a miserable attempt of self-promoting their whatsoever campaigns on internet - by creating their own back links, out of the thin air; and that's the problem!

    Of course, these are regarded as 'unfair efforts' to increase the chance of their site apperances on search engines 'inequitably', on the expense of most valuable sites and of the forums they have contaminated. Besides, their keywords often result in ill-directions SEO-wise, while there were more 'worthy' options out there, your web site hosts a series of repetetive directions (binary suggestions) to a far-less worthy destination, and this is effecting the over all site reputation on engine listings (finding your self-value - where are you belonged to). Since these links are hosted out of the site administration's particular authorities and even their knowledge (at every each of them), the unjustness of the situation locates itself.

    Nonetheless, the modern-day search engine algorythms are evolved to compansate such efforts by lowering their ranks, but still unable to remedy its cascading effects, still extensive world wide web knowledge and the accompanying studies are required to reach up this comprehension. These people unwittingly harm themselves while they believe they were doing the opposite, but in the mean time they are harming the host and they are doing this quite uncaringly. See now, where the problem is?

    This is of course a concern to deal with particular methods regarding both the information science and sociological sciences, with their own respective means of counter-measure, that are available as options and reserved inside; and now I'm switching on to your question with an apology for presenting this kind of extended and seemingly irrelevant prologue, but believing that I could set an example to those people by responding to your question in an appropriate manner, in the following way.

    Help with FTP
    First of all, I must remind you that none of the names you have given us are actually 'help files'. In my opinion, they can be thoughts of random people on the net, or the opinions of these individuals on a similar topic, and while they might address to seemingly true solutions for our problems, running into these sites in the first place often leads to great deal of time-loss, losing self-focus and misguidance; thus, they should never be taken as 'reference points' after all.

    Perhaps, a better approach would be trying to access their 'online documentation' and 'live supports', but since I am unfamiliar with these particular software I will not go into details except what I have found here, a 'FireFTP Basic Tutorial' page after a brief search on Google, looking to have screen shots and clear-expression. I hope you will benefit from that.

    Above: How to open FireFTP from Firefox, as described on an already linked page

    Moreover, from what I have seen in your message, you actually have no more than one particular problem that can be re-written as (and, thus, be Googled likewise) the following:

    "connecting to a remote file system via file transfer protocol for uploading purposes on Mac",

    or in short, the Mac upload problem

    File Transfer on a Macintosh OS

    Since the 'lack of file uploading' is a known issue in Macintosh, which also includes the Leopard, we can assume there is no native FTP support on Mac systems although you can use 'Finder' to connect a server for downloading files, but not for uploading them. While being curious about the reasons 'why', this topic seems to be discussed in details by Mac users and several communities through out Internet.

    Therefore, one can suggest that using a third party FTP software (also listed here) is among the most common practice, and should be followed accordingly; unless, of course, you do not plan on switching a Microsoft system, having full native FTP supports, in a short while.

    File Transfer on a Microsoft Windows OS

    Considering that you might be interested in using a Microsoft system nearby, perhaps by visiting internet café next to your door for a short-term purpose, I've decided to drop a few lines onto this, too. Even if not, this information can still be supplemental to that of yours, and might be considered as usefull by many Windows users, as well. Especially for those, who rely on a 3rd party FTP software there is no need by any physical means in Windows for doing that so.

    Above: Microsoft's unofficial response to the famous Mac commercials 'Hello I'm Mac'

    The software / window we're using to view our folders / Computer disks is called 'Windows Explorer'. It is actually a file manager application providing graphical user interface for accessing file systems, even if it is outside the computer.

    Above: The Windows Explorer in Microsoft Windows

    Just like the Internet Explorer, which is the name of graphical web browsers on Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, it has an address bar to which you can direct your application, and this address could be an actual IP address (IP name or the octal number) besides the 'C:\Windows\..'-like stuff and its aliases, i.e. my computer, etc.

    Windows Explorer is also a user interface for FTP, with operations similar to that of internet Explorer, but supports the whole set of operations natively. By typing a computer address with an 'ftp://' protocol indicator on the address bar (with the proper designition of user name and password pair - I'll show), web hosting services can be plugged into this window and the user can use it to select images or any files on their computer, and have them uploaded correctly without dealing with comparatively complex solutions involving FTP or web interfaces.

    If your screen is physically safe, the address-line syntax for reaching a login-requiring FTP service is like this:

    where "jdoe" is the user name, ":" indicates the password is to come up, "#####" represents the typed-in password, the "@" sign means beginning of machine address and the rest is either an IP name or IP number.

    You can ignore typing your password or both user name and password and have the Windows Explorer ask you the missing parts right after you hit the return key:

    or ignore both,

    Also keep it in mind that the Explorer's history nastily shows the whole location, which includes your user information, so typing your password is not recommended, have the 'puter asks you.

    Above: Using the integrated FTP by typing in the address bar

    Above: Loging on as prompted by Windows Explorer

    Nevertheless, since you have limited user experience, and may be time, but a simple short task ahead, according to UK-PLC documentation, these people might be available to do your job on your behalf, upon polite but a formal request. To do that, you may use the support team's e-mail address they have provided in that page, or even better, you can call them and meet your representative in person. My suggestion is, you pursuit all these steps seperately and regard them as a 'skill-trainer' activity, since - and have I understood correctly, you'll be in this business henceforward.

    best regards.
    - kunter ilalan web designer
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    There is also one more option I can tell:

    File Transfer Using Hosting Company's Web Service

    Today, the majority of the hosting companies imploy grahical user interfaces on world wide web, software for the ISS customer relation management, allowing their customers to solve their own hosting needs. By this way the companies let the users meet computers as their contact personnel and are encouraged to do their own jobs by themselves. Besides, they do not have to allocate as much resources as it would be necessary otherwise.

    One of those needs, or procedures is called FTP, or File System, or File Tranfer, etc.. the name may change depending on the CRM they're using. It is, by the way, nothing but a plain-looking web page and using the HTML INPUT fields for browsing your files is no different than attaching pictures in Gmail or Hotmail.

    I suggest you also check for this option since it would be the easiest one for you. You should never hesitate consulting to ISS company's support team; thanks to the international standards they are bounded to, most of the time they are helpful.

    best regards;
    - kunter ilalan web designer
    follow him on twitter and on MediaCollege

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    Since you are using a Mac, have you tried Fetch FTP? You can drag-drop files into it.

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    From Merry... re your replies

    Hello there tonsofpcs and Kunter and localinla

    I cannot believe that I have not been back to find these answers! Thank you so very very much... I am stunned by your replies Kunter.

    I have indeed solved this problem, and am on the site again now for another problem which is now posted independantly.

    I so much appreciate your help, all of you.

    Many thanks again


    Merry x

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