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    Converting Hi8 8mm tapes on a non-digital

    camcorder. I bought the Sony DVD maker and have bene converting all my VHS and 8mm tapes to DVD's. I have run in to a glitch with my digital camcorder where the tape is scratchy and jumpy and its converting that way onto the DVD. So I tried to use a regular 8mm Sony camcorder (Not Digital) and the tapes now are all fuzzy therefore I cant convert.
    My question is, must I use a "digital 8mm" camcorder to continue converting the rest of my 8mm tapes. Or might there be a way to adjust the regular 8mm camcorder to allow viewing (therefore transferring) the digital movies.

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    You can run the analog camcorder through a Digital Converter, ADS Pyro A/V Link or a Canopus converter. As long as the camcorder has RCA output or similar, that can connect to the converter, you would be all set.
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    Also check that your camcorder heads are not clogged!!! and also the VCR heads!!

    It might be worth running a cleaning tape thru both as they have probably been working hard.

    Chuck is also correct...ideally you need a conversion unit that is a DV Bridge. The cheaper "DVD Makers" normally use USB and convert direct to MPEG2 files and the quality will not be the same


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    If the footage was recorded with a Digital 8 camera, a Video 8 or Hi 8 camera will not play it back. If it was recorded with a Hi 8 camera, a Video 8 camera will not play it back and a Digital 8 camera may not play it back.
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