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    Question about video enhancing looks (magic bullet looks)?

    Hi everybody i just have purchased a hd camera and i get pretty descent quality video from it, but my question is. Is there any kind of program except magic bullet looks or film magic pro, that can change the video look to a more enhancing look like (csi miami) from the tv show on cbs if you know what i mean it doesn't matter what kind of program except vegas, premiere, and after effects. since i cant use mb looks because of my graphics card..i really want this product or something close can you please help me? -thankyou

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    If you can't use Vegas, Premiere or After Effects then you probably won't be able to use other software capable of doing this either. There are some great plug ins for Premiere, After Effects and Vegas but you can't use them. ProDad makes VitaScene, that does some pretty nice enhancement effects, but it won't help you. I would recommend getting what you need to make the software work if you want to do this kind of editing and add these kinds of effects.
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