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Thread: DVD player mod?

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    DVD player mod?

    I'm going to be doing a DVD presentation where I toggle between play and pause repeatedly. Is there ever a way, with any player, to get that dang "play" and "pause" off the screen? I'd like to do it with a cheap player if possible cuz I need to buy several.

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    It might be in the setup on some dvd players.

    Couldn't you use a laptop or a computer?

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    Hi Karl

    Is there any chance that you can calculate the periods you might pause for?? If so then freeze frame the video while you say your piece and then allow it to continue.
    Otherwise you could break the video into short clips and run using a menu?? In fact if you know when you might pause then add a menu after each segment and have an invisible pre-selected menu button so hitting OK on the remote will play each menu and the clip it's linked to in turn.

    Otherwise some DVD players just might have an OSD button that allows you to remove the on screen display


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    Tnx Chris... problems. Most vid players will only do a menu to 99 chapters, and I've got hundreds. Unfortunately, since discussions come up and I can't predict when, I can't time the shots.

    I haven't seen a DVD player that lets you turn off the on screen menu, or at least one that tells you how in the user's manual. Then again, I haven't looked around a whole lot.

    Tnx Smif, but I really didn't want to lug a laptop around - two, actually, cuz I need redundancy - for both weight (I'm flying) and cost reasons. Looks like I'm going to have to, tho. Silver lining, maybe, in that I can render to higher rez than a normal DVD supports.

    I just thought there might be some magic hack, since pretty much everybody uses the same chips.

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    there probably is a hack somewhere but i reckon that only a handfull of people will know how.

    you could get any cheep seccond hand laptop of ebay and buy a usb to vga adaptor that way you'll have dual screens, one for video, other for controls. i doubt you'll need to laptops, i would of thought 2 batteries and a mains supply would be enough .

    another option would be like what chris said which is make the dvd with invisible menus in. you could also use svcd which means you press a number on the remote but on some players this will come up on screen.

    I've got one more idea. what you do is slightly "squish" the video so that it is below where the "play" "next" text comes up and on the projector strech it up. i know on some you can crop the image by resizing it but you might just have to tape a piece of paper to it

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    Quote: smifis
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    It might be in the setup on some dvd players.

    Couldn't you use a laptop or a computer?
    i agree with him!


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