Whats up this is C Dog from Shut Down Productions and we looking for some tight beat makers to help us get a song bangin that we got in the works. My brother is gonna play the song “No Woman, No Cry” by Bob Marley on his acoustic guitar and he is goin to sing the chorus. On the verses me and my cuz are goin to tear it up about bitches and what not. All we need is a beat to go behind the guitar and really pull the song together. All we need is a basic reggae type beat with a little something extra that we can spit to. If you listen to the original song by Bob Marley it is a very basic beat around 79 BPM. If someone could come up with a beat for this it is sure to be a hit. You can hear some of me and my cousins stuff on www.geocities.com/shutdownproductions/ Also if you feel like you could lay it down to something like this holla at us and get on a verse. If you feelin what we doin here, holla back at me….

- C Dog