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    Audio Downloads Licence

    Hi there,

    Was wondering if someone could help me I downloaded the Money and Cash Register Sound Effects, and i have made a music track I would like to include these in my track, I don't make money from my music, it's mainly as a hobby, maybe one day when i'm good enough.

    Does anyone no the usage rights, if i can use them and do i include any additional info like copyright



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    If Dave has supplied the SFX from his website then it will almost be certain that they are copyright free.

    However there are thousands of free SFX clips available on-line and even if they have authors they are usually not too fussy except if you happen to use effects from the movie studios like George Lucas or Warner Bros which will have a usage licence with them.

    Just be careful with music and rather stick with Royalty Free stuff rather than using a copy of your favorite singer who's record company does have the right to sue you!!

    I personally use SmartSound music.. the libraries are a little pricey but you can use them and their multiple variations over and over, even in commercial work.


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    Copyright free

    Thanks Chris,
    Am I right in thinking that copyright free means I don't need to add anything, but I do like to give credit where credits due if they would like it.

    Thanks for the advice on royalty free samples, I like to use Ejay and Magix,
    Its just this certain track needed a little tweak at the start with some money sounds, to make it go with the theme of the track.

    I never use someone elses vocals unless they are royalty free or my own and funny enough I decided to put my own voice to this one!



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