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    Jack Hallows

    Football Highlights Graphics

    At College I am going to be filming a sunday league soccer match and put commentary, graphics i.e. playr stats, team sheets, scoreboard etc.. and titles onto it to make it look like a sky sports match. i was just wondering if anyone knew i could go about creating these moving graphics?

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    It will be an issue of time or/and money.

    You said filming... Does that mean you will record the game then edit in graphics later (post production) or are you going to produce all this live as it happens. Live as it happens means portable production equipment. Studio on wheels, rather a truck. If you are going to tape and edit later then it's a matter of having a place to edit in all the graphics you want. Regular studio with graphics machines, tape playback, so on...

    Pardon my asking you sound as though you may be from "across the pond?" If so, you may have to take any advice and put it in the terms of the Ero Dollar or metric

    To answer just your question. Something like Adobe After Effects can make those moving backgrounds, but there is cost of software and learning curve. Another way is to buy motion backgound on CD. Here is one such site. I don't work for them or suggest you buy from them just pointing you to a source to get the ball rolling. They have just elements though. If you want to build player stat full screens and lower third banners to pop up the score it would take a lot more than just a PC and some CDs with moving backgrounds.

    Hope this helps. I can go into more detail if you have a specific question.

    God Bless,
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