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    Doing archive and stream with VLC


    I need a little assistance in establishing the VLC server. I use FreeBSD 6.2, via the ports I've installed VLC 0.8.6
    Now I would like to set up the server so that it server doing an archive and at the same time allowing immediate stream of uploaded video.

    The problem arises because I do not know how to start VLC on the server that will listen for connections from the VLC player on my local computer.
    For the later stream, the video must be in MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 format

    So, how to set up VLC on the server that is listening and ready for save what i send from VLC on my local computer.

    Sorry for my bad English
    Thanks in advance

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    What is your video source? Do you have a preferred port or protocol to use?
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