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    Help on exporting video to the original uncompressed high quality video file.

    Hello. i have a sony hdr-sr1 that produces pretty good video clips. when i import them i can watch them on the PC in the original quality and they look great. problem is that i can never export a sequence with that same quality as it is always compressed or changed in some way.

    how can i create a movie and export it in its highest quality? i use adobe premiere elements 3.0 but i have access to other software if that one wont do. if i need another program to do it then which should i get?

    i tried to check the properties of the original video to see what type of file and size it is but all it says is that its a "movie clip". my camera has that AVCHD 1080i but i only use the SD mode to record.

    anyone know any steps to export full quality? let me know if you need more info! thanks!

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    The best quality will be exported from the main menu; File/Export/Movie

    That will be a pretty large file depending on the length of the clip, about 13gb per hour of footage. Quality is all about size, the smaller the size (like for uploading to YouTube) the more the quality decreases.
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    when you export make sure that the codec is set to AVI uncompressed

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    thanks for the prompt replies!

    can you help me choose which might be best? i have uploaded some screenshots to make it a little easier.

    Export settings:

    Project settings:

    I don't know what to choose. I looked up info on the web and i believe my camera records video files in mpeg-2 mode although i can't be sure. the original 30 second video clip was about 35mb on my hard drive.

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    those settings are correct.

    i'm not 100% sure on the frame rates and stuff because i use PAL, that 25fps. i belive NTSC is 29.89 fps or something? crazy.

    what happens if you import the clip and do absolutly nothing to it and then export it. what results do you get?

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    doesnt seem right...

    i exported it on the settings that were there and it turns into a 925mb file! for a 30 second clip that doesnt seem right. plus it doesnt give the same quality and it is no longer widescreen.

    and all i did was import the clip and then go to the export settings and i get that huge file. what am i doing wrong?

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    it will be a huge file because it is uncompressed avi. i belive it's something like 13MB per seccond. (13x30=390MB)

    I mightof gotten my facts mixed up somewhere but my rendered files arnt that big.


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