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    Can someone review my work please?

    Hello all,

    I designed this personalized signs site and this employee recognition gifts site. I wanted to know a few things about both:

    1) Which site is generally better designed?
    2) In the employee gifts site - which picture is better designed: this cookie gift packages page or this holiday gift basket page?
    3) In the personalized signs site - which have the better page design (in over looking) - the FAQ sale signs page is fine? what do you think?

    I know it looks hard to check all of them but it only take 1 minute...

    Thanks alot!

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    The design of the first site is quite nice, i however don't like the second site as much.

    One reason being that i can't read the font used for the logo, its not only hard to read, its also of to low resolution making it rather ugly. And another being the low-resolution images used, along with the poor style of the images. It would look better if they where equally sized and styled, a bit like those in the featured products section.

    You should either go with the transparent style of your product images, or the other, not both. Also try to avoid mixing low-resolution images with high-resolution ones.

    The fixed width of your site is also bad, and could entirely have been avoided, i would recommend applying a min-width and max-width in px.

    The most serious problem is that turning off JavaScript breaks the navigation, that means you will need to submit sitemaps to search engines, to make sure they are able to find all your pages. Another problem is that internal links won't have any value in terms of SEO, and that's a good reason not to use JavaScript for links.

    Some of your text is also not selectable, which is likely an issue with the JavaScript.
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    I like the second , but I think the main page is a little blankness!
    It seems that you are a good web designer!


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