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    Tv Bordcast to website

    Hello every one, i am new here, what i want to do is use current one TV Channel boradcast live to my website. what is the best software that i can use to do that?

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    it depends.

    How are you reciving this tv channel?

    If it's through the internet then you copy the link of their website but ask them first or do you recive the channel; through cable/satalite/terrestarieal ect? if the latter then you'l need a cpture card if you already havn't got one and you could then stream it from your pc through your internet using vlc.

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    It is local tv channel, will be recived by cable, then the computer will have a TV tuner card, then stream it from the pc thoght the internet. What is


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    Online Video And Streaming

    Hi All,

    Please read my post on

    I used this guys, and i was impressed.

    Hope this helps anyone


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    VLC is a portable multimedia player, encoder, and streamer supporting many audio and video codecs and file formats as well as DVDs, VCD

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    vlc is available at
    Eric Adler (tonsofpcs) Chat at:
    Follow me on twitter: @videosupport @eric_adler

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    Well a whole suject would be
    copyrighted material by broadcaster
    and internet provider terms of use
    yes, you need a capture card, some can even be USB these days
    try a free flash streamer publisher and viewer
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