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    Streaming Quicktime on a web server?

    I have been trying to stream Quicktime video files on a regular web server and am not having success. Using the standard anchor tag
    ( <a href="file name">link</a> ) does not work. When the link is clicked a window opens and the video doesn't play. What am I missing? Can a Quicktime file be streamed without using a metafile? Can a Quicktime file be streamed from a standard web server or must it be streamed on a specific streaming server?

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    The only way to provide genuine Quicktime streaming is to use a streaming server, but files can still be served from a standard web page using "progressive download". This means that the file is downloaded but can begin playing as soon as a small portion has been retrieved - so it behaves more or less like streaming.

    It seems that a simple link to the file works sometimes but not others. To be honest I'm not sure why, but the answer is to embed the file in the page rather than link to it. Embedding is a bit of a pain, and for best compatibility you need to use both an embed and an object tag. It goes like this:

    <OBJECT CLASSID="clsid:02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B" 
    <PARAM name="SRC" VALUE="">
    <PARAM name="AUTOPLAY" VALUE="true">
    <PARAM name="CONTROLLER" VALUE="false">
    <EMBED SRC="" WIDTH="160" HEIGHT="144" 
    AUTOPLAY="true" CONTROLLER="false" 
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