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    Live Event this Saturday - Audio and Video need help


    Basically, we're gonna have an event where I will be the admin of the room, the main person controlling the thing.

    I will be using the pc at home, and will maybe play a few audio files from my pc at the beginning as the intro.

    Then I will have two guestes from their own homes on their pcs:

    1 - The first guest will have a video and will speak on the mic

    2 - The second guest will only use his mic and not his webcam.

    Now, I've tried ustream, but it doesnt favour me, alot of hassle or I just don't know how to use it and still have not found a good step by step guide on how to use the thing, I think it take alot of bandwidth too.

    I've also tried windows media encoder but I think I need a server to bradcast an event? And i'm not sure how to use it as to showing the video cam of the guest speaker and letting them both speak on the mic etc.

    Does anyone know what I can use? Something free though please, as this is just a one off event and it's good for esting knowledge too. Please let me know.

    Kind regards.

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    Mogulus is pretty good, you can mix from cameras on different computers and you can play recorded video files that you upload. You can also add graphics such as name banners and a scroll at the bottom of the screen.

    The two problems are, that it will place an advert banner on the bottom of the broadcast (unless you go for the payed version) and it does not handle audio only, although im sure you could use a free virtual webcam to use an image of the speaker as the video.

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    I tried that website but it kept freezing the computer.

    Any other alternatives would be very appreciated. Thanks. kind regards.

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    Anything free though?

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    That's VLC, you can use that to play almost any video file and it can stream live video if you want, there are too many fetures to list here. i think you could probably use this.

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    Could you direct me towards where to go, as the event has been moved to Thursday, two days time.


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    ok to get your guests video/audio to you, ask them to install vlc onto their machine and ask them to go through this guide, once they have set this up then ask them to email you their ip, use google to find a "my ip" site. now i'm out of ideas, maybe someone else could carry on?


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