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    Acrobat icon not visible...


    i dont know if i'm in the right 'room' for my question. How do i get my Adobe Acrobat (v.6) icon (shortcut) on the desktop?

    For some reason it doesnt even appear (as it should) in the start menu (win). In it's place (in the start menu) is one of those annoying Win icons for unidentified (i think...) program files. Help appreciated...

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    does it work? if so then just move it to where you want it to be on the start menu and right click -> send to -> desktop to make a shortcut. the change the icon right click, properties, schortcut tab, change icon.

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    Thank you for the feedback. Though, after i right-click the icon on the desktop, and select properties, the option you indicated in the shortcut tab is not accessible (greyed out)... Is there a way around this?

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    I've never heard of it greyed out before. do you have a screen shot?

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    absolutely 'the wrong room' tony but dont' worry, we aren't that wrong either The 'Yahoo! answers' and Google'ing the web are the places for better chance.

    Your problem seems to be more than a missing icon, but rather relavent with windows security. If you Google the phrase 'desktop icon disappear' you will reach loads of information there.

    It appears as your registry file was recently messed (with sth) but some people on various forums say this would be a symptom of some viral activity - though I am not sure which one suits in your case, I am quite sure that you would like to investigate.
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    I've never heard of it greyed out before. do you have a screen shot?

    here is the screenshot (in portuguese though, but as the options are in the usual place, you will notice the greyed out button):
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    Thank you once again for your valueble initiative, i appreciate it. i think i have a 'trojan' in my computer that might be slowing down processes, and also removing/hiding icons. For instance, i discovered a file designated SWWATER.INI in My documents folder, and after doing a quick search on the net i googled some info on this file. Supposedly it's just an initialization Windows program, but some suspect it might be trojan. What do you think?

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    Identical Problem

    I just wanted to let everybody know that I am having exactly the same problem as Tony is having. It is with Acrobat 6.0 and when I right click on the item in the start menu (either "Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard" or "Acrobat Distiller") the menu is blocked out and I have unknown icons in the place of regular Acrobat ones. For some reason, this happened as I was trying to install Acrobat 9. Acrobat 9 automatically uninstalled my Acrobat 6, which I did not want it to do, so I reversed the whole situation, but I got stuck with this situation that is absolutely interminable. No matter what I do: a Ghost restore, uninstall and reinstall, the problem is never corrected.


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