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Thread: MAC or PC

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    I love forum's with thread's about windows or mac's.

    your all wrong I'm the best computer in the world so suck it, lol jks
    Be curious always! For knowledge will not acquire you; you must acquire it.

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    To ask the question: A mac or a PC.. I find, is a wrong place to begin.

    Point Uno (and the only one, as a matter of fact)
    Let's begin with asking 'What are your needs?' That, my friends, ends up with narrower and far relevant solutions than the already over-saturated millions of such related posts strewn all over the WWW.

    It is certain that we have our inclinations and preferences. But to 'deify' the Mac or PC will miss Point Uno again. There simply are no perfect system.

    Let's respond to needs, shall we?
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Hey Nagar

    Very good point and one that is discussed pointlessly around the world.
    It's much the same as saying Ford is better than Honda!! As with cars if the product is really bad it simply wouldn't survive in the marketplace!!

    I see furious debates over camcorder "brands" .."I'd never buy a Canon only a Sony" ...also totally pointless!!!

    Decide on what you want to do and then buy the product that suits your need the best...and that's not just graphics either!! A Mac might do the job and suit your needs better than a PC, but then again it might not!!


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    Mac is so expensive. PC works just fine for me all the way.

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    I would 100% buy a MAC. I have a dell laptop at home and I use a MAC at work and the difference is out standing! MACS never pick up virus's they are always fast there are many short cuts to get around the computer and on to different pages etc. Its brilliant, I am 100% going to be getting one for my self in the middle of the year!

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    Money wise, PC For The Win, every device do have their ups and downs, even if a device that worth a million can give you headache at some point of time. Why buy a device that you are not familiar with where you can have it for a cheaper price with the same functionality that you can work on.

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    I would never buy pre-build computers, they usually come with a bunch of obsolate and preinstalled crapware, which slows down your computer, and in worst case it just makes it crash. Each of the manufacturers usually includes their own crapware, even when build-in software in windows provide same functionality, or some times even dose the job better and/or more effectively.

    Many of the pre-build PCs have also been quite useless and unstable, some simply restarting due to overheating and what not.

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