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    XLR to 1/4 inch stereo

    On your website, you connect pin 1 to jack sleeve, pin 2 to jack tip, and pin 3 to jack ring. Correct me if im wrong but, pin 3 in the balanced cable is simply the same a pin 2 but the signal is phase inverted at the source. So basically, according to your diagram, you will get a signal that is 180 degrees our of phase at the other end. This just seems odd to me unless of course you are using the 1/4 inch stereo jack to carry a mono balanced signal. Is it me or did you guys do it wrong?

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    Re: XLR to 1/4 inch stereo

    Sorry Craig, I should have made it clear that this wiring is for a balanced mono cable.

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    Thanks for your hard work here. One tiny comment, on the drawing shows the 'tip' solder lug of the 1/4" stereo jack as being the outside one - on all the jacks I have soldered up it has been the middle one as it is a post that physically runs all the way down the middle to the tip, if you see what I mean. Sometimes it is even the bolt that hold the whole thing together.


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    Thanks for pointing that out. You're right of course. ops:
    Although it is embarassing to make mistakes like these, I do appreciate it when you point them out. At least I am aware of it and can rectify the mistake.
    Thanks again,

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    dj gq

    1/4 inch jack

    i use the 1/4" with an adaptor. the sound quality is barley deminished. by the way scratch, here are some examples of my mixes using the setup i just described :arrow:

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    I'll have a listen when I get home (work computer has no speakers).

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    Sorry this is quite some time after you guys last posted anything but...

    i have been trying to perform the aforementioned connection - only im going from a 3.5mm (not a 6mm) connector to an XLR connector.

    When i hooked it up as your site says - shield to 1, tip to 2, and ring to 3 - what i hear is the music with a VERY soft metallicy sounding voice - it almost sounds like a karaoke version of the song. now, when i hooked it up differently (shield to 1, ring to 2 and tip to 3) i got, what sounds like the right audio, but the entire audio was very very soft...

    could you shed some light on what is going on?

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    First off, I'm wondering what you are plugging the adapter cable into? Are you coming out of a PC soundcard? And what are you plugging it into? I'm thinking maybe you are feeding a stereo signal into a balanced mono (or even unbalanced) input.
    If you could tell us what make/model equipment you are trying to connect we may be able to find out what is going on.


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