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    Help on PA Sytem with Shure Lapel Mics

    I am about to run a conference which i have a Phonic RoadGear 260 PA System which is Running The Shure PG1 Lapel Mic Packs and i am looking for whats the best setting to have the PA System set on for best sound and also to avoid audio clipping, some of the dials include programs, EFX Control, low
    Frequencys and high etc please advise

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    I looked at the Phonic website and it was going to take 15 minutes of downloading to get the user manual, so I didn't. The Phonic doesn't have mic receivers built in, does it? If not, need more info. The PG1 is a transmitter. What's the model no. of the receiver?

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    attach your wireless to your system through mic input, usually my setting is 0 on low, between 10 & 11 for my high, but it depends also, the difference is we use fender, and for the main EQ's i usually set them @ 0 low mids & hi's, as ai said it depends again, and for your efx, use the mon/efx. and of course for my main output i set it @ the 12 to 1


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