Hi all,

I'm about to digitalize a lot of tapes from the title mentionned camcorder.

The specs of that camcorder are :

Video Signal: EIA Standard ( 525 lines, 60 fields ) NTSC color signal
Video Recording System : 4 rotary heads, helical scanning system
Audio Track : 1 track
Pick-Up System : Sequential color difference, field reverse system
Pick-Up Device : One integral color filter Charge Coupled Device (CCD )

There is one Video Output Connector and one Audio Output Connector on the back of the device.

When I hook up the camcorder to my Hauppage card, I have to use the S-Video to 3.5 mm jack adapter that came with the card as there is no 3.5 mm video connector on the back of the card.

So far, after many tries, I managed to get a colored video ( at first I had an image for 1 second then all came out black, then it came out black and white) while using WMM ( MovieFactory SE 5 is not able to to connect with my PV-10 when I select "Import " "Capture from device").

The image is very dark compared to my first try at this process. I had used the PV-10's supplied "VHS PlayPak" in a VHS playback device and connected with a Coaxial cable to my Hauppage card's connector. Although it is darker, the quality is much better than going through the VCR ( I think the culprit is using coax in this case). Now I need to improve the video quality.

My setting in WMM are the following:

Composite, video parameters, pin resolution : NTSC/MPEG2 with pin format UYVY (other choice being UCW4) and pin resolution at 640x480 ( other choices being 720x480, 480x480, 352x480)

Composite, video parameters, flux : Standard video being at NTSC_M (grayed out i.e. no other options), image frequence 29, 970 ( no option but not grayed out i.e. I could change the entry), color/compression : UYVY (other choice being UCW4), output at 640x480 ( other choices being 720x480, 480x480, 352x480).

Any suggestions?

Also would it be a better process ( i.e. better output quality ) if I were to digitalize by connecting PV-10 to my Sony DCR-TRV740 which can hook up through i-Link ( I tried that but had sound but no video)? Using the same parameters in WMM as above, I get a darkish video too.

Also, if I try to import through my DCR-TRV740 using DVD MovieFactory SE that came with my Hauppage WinTV-HRV 1600 capture card, I get a black screen after the camcorder has been detected. Why would that be?