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    problem capturing footage to laptop

    Hello. i'm new and desperate! i have 3 days to complete a 10 min documentary but for some reason i cant capture the footage from my canon vixia hv 30 to my laptop using premier pro 2. when i click "capture" it says "can't activate recorder Try resetting camera" I'm going crazy here Can anyone tell me what i'm not doing or doing wrong?? i'm so dumb at this!!

    Thank you

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    Did you follow all the instructions on page 77 of the user manual in proper order?

    Additionally, I found this ate CreativeCow ( I hope it helps.

    1. If you shot in HDV AND want to capture in HDV you must have the camera set to HDV AND have "Down convert" turned off AND be in a HDV Project preset.

    2. If you shot in HDV and want to capture as DV, set the camera to DV mode and turn on "Down Convert" on and be in a DV Project Preset.

    3. If you shot in DV mode make sure the camera is in DV mode AND you are in a DV Project preset.

    - Met

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    Download the free utility HDVSplit and use that for capture.
    You can then import the m2t files into your Premiere Pro project.
    Premiere Elements and Pro have a problem with the HV30 for some reason.
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