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    Streaming using Proxy

    1. I want to stream a live feed from my PC to a Proxy and then Stream to a Group of people.

    I need this for an event and I prefer to use a streaming hosting. (I want to send the live Stream to the Streaming Hosting and then the Streaming Hosting company will send it to all the people).

    PC --> Streaming Hosting --> People.

    2. I have seen companies that charge for Streaming hosting (stored and live) - Their calculation is based on Bandwidth.

    Is there Bandwidth issues with Live streaming or do I need just enough Bandwidth for 1 feed? (let's say 300k Live stream). Can you explain me how this works?

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    Ask the person charging you. The ones that I have seen do not generally charge for your uplink bandwidth, but for downlink bandwidth (300k * number of viewers). Some will charge for both directions. Some will charge based solely on your uplink bandwidth and issue a user cap.
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