I am WOW'ed by this event. It was the most memorable show for me since I've been watching. The entire show was very different from years past and very, very well done in my opinion. Hugh Jackman is truly a talented craftsman. My wife saw him on Broadway a few years back doing, THE BOY FROM OZ. She was totally stunned at his singing ability, that we never knew he possessed. When I found out that he was the MC for this year, I said to myself - this should be good. But that was such an understatement of mine in hindsight. Of course there were some flaws but overall, I give it a 9.7 out of 10.

I believe that what was seen is more to come from other filmmakers. The equipment now is somewhat affordable to those who can raise the funds properly and see their project through. Like I said in some other post....(somewhere around here) as long as you have a good story, you can get noticed. Visual (and audio) Effects are a terrific thing but it is only an element for the movie... imho.