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    student survey on audio and viseo software

    Hello. I am an advertising student at Texas State University. As part of a class project we are trying to get an understanding of the software market. We are doing this by online survey and any feedback provided on forums.

    The survey is only 26 questions and should take away little of your time. We would really appreciate any assistance you can give.

    The link below is our online survey. If you have a desire for further assistance, there is a place on the survey to submit your email address.

    Any help is tons of help.
    Thanks again.

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    Just a quick note - your survey is quite US-centric. Like a lot of surveys made by people in the US, it doesn't have all the necessary options for an international audience (eg the ethnicity options). Also, some of the questions had more than one correct answer for me (eg computer platform).

    Anyway, good luck with the survey. Hope it works out for you.
    Dave Owen


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